Sunday, January 9, 2011

Local Grocery Store Collective Wants Your Input...

My name is Nicholas Arthur, and I am writing you as a current member of a small collective that is working hard to start a worker-owned neighborhood grocery and general store on the east side. We are calling it, Foundation Foods Grocery and General Store.

We are currently in the start-up/research stage of the project piecing together a business plan and conducting a feasibility study. We are contacting you and your neighbors to see if you would be interested in sharing with us your opinions/ideas/concerns, and helping us develop a place that is truly a creation of the community. We have composed a brief presentation and we would love the opportunity to share it at your next meeting. We have also put together a survey to distribute either online or on good old pencil and paper. Our goal is for this future establishment to be more than just a grocery store. It will be a place where people come together for the love of food and the love of life. It will be an active and vibrant community center and a launch pad for projects and ideas.

We feel that when it comes to fresh food, East Austin has been neglected in recent years. It is high time there was a grocery store that offered a selection of food that promotes and encourages a healthy, happy lifestyle. It is vital to our mission that Foundation Foods will, in the long run, be shaped and operated by many people, and tightly woven into the community that it will be serving.

In order to accomplish this we are looking to develop relationships now, in the early phases of this project, and we need to hear your voice.

I have included our mission statement below, and attached a copy of our one pager and survey for your review. Also link to the online version of our survey here: english:

Thank You,
Nicholas Arthur
Foundation Foods
Grocery and General Store
A worker-owned cooperative

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