Monday, April 18, 2011

Chestnut Neighborhood Meeting for a ZONING CHANGE at MLK Rail Station


The Chestnut Neighborhood Plan Contact Team, with help from the Chestnut Addition Neighborhood Association, is holding a neighborhood meeting on Wednesday, April 20, 6 to 7:30 pm, to discuss a zoning change request.

A developer wants to build a skilled nursing facility at 17th and Miriam, near the commuter rail station and within the MLK transit-oriented district. The developer wants to change the zoning on part of a tract from Commercial Mixed Use to Live-Work-Flex.

date: APRIL 20, 2011
time: 6–7:30 PM
place: Calvin Hall, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, 2111 Alexander Avenue. Look for signs directing you to the building entrance and room.

The zoning change request will be considered by the City of Austin Planning Commission on Tuesday, April 26.

We invite you to attend this meeting and learn more about the proposed development and its potential impact on the MLK Station area.

PLEASE NOTE: We plan to decide whether to support or oppose the zoning change request at Wednesday's meeting. We hope to reach a decision by consensus. However, if consensus cannot be reached and we must take a vote, only those people who are eligible to vote according to the Chestnut NPCT bylaws will be able to cast a vote. Eligibility to vote entails living in the neighborhood and having attended at least one prior meeting of the Chestnut NPCT; the only exception is people who live within 500 feet of the proposed development, who are entitled to vote on this case regardless of whether they have attended a Chestnut NPCT meeting. Only one vote per household.

Please feel free to invite other neighbors to this meeting.

Hope to see you Wednesday!

Sarah Searcy
Chair, Chestnut Neighborhood Plan Contact Team

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